Can't do fragrances? You still need choices! We formulated this one to benefit from the soothing oatmeal but without the exfoliation. Super gentle.


Listing is for 2 (TWO) shaped soaps.


Goat's Milk?  Not this time. This soap is loaded with Oat Milk.


Fragrance: None. FRAGRANCE FREE.


Design:  Flower shaped with a little bit of color from Tumeric.


Size: Bars areat least 3 oz.


Ingredients: Saponified oils - Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil,Coconut Oil, Castor Oil


Special Properties:

  • Cold Processed Method: We use the cold process method to make our soaps which are then cured for 4 weeks. No shortcuts or bases used here. This method creates glycerin in the soap.  Glycerin is a moisture magnet attracting moisture in the air to your skin.
  • Formulation: Our aim is to create a well rounded bar - long lasting, conditioning and bubbles, lots of bubbles. We do this through the careful selection of ingredients and understanding of the different oils properties.





Faith Oatmilk Bath Soap

  • - Put them away.  We let them cure for at least 4 weeks, but they will continue to get harder the longer they cure.  So if patience is one of your virtues, you're in luck!
    - Keep out of the water when not in use and allow to dry between uses.
    - Cut them in half.  By cutting it in half, only half is exposed to water so they will last longer.
    - Use less.  Use with a bath pouf for big bubbles from less soap.


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