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Finding My Voice

Welcome to Adoration Bath Co! I have a bit of storyteller in me and have always enjoyed blogging about the most normal boring things and trying to make it special or find humor in it. You can see my blog about our farm life at www.444Farm.com. And yet, here on Adoration Bath Co. my blog, so far, has been full of false starts.

What is that message that I am impassioned to tell you, readers? Good question, no answer. At this point, I have a stronger sense of what I don't want it to be, and much less direction of what I want to say. I imagine that the false starts, uturns, and disorganization will continue as I figure out what my blog passion is that evolves out of a thankful heart and grace upon grace. Making soap is so much easier!

I thought I would share a few thoughts that I have digested while trying to find my voice.

Preaching (me trying to explain Bible truths) - absolutely not - I had to really spend some time thinking about this as Adoration Bath Co.'s inspiration is to really speak up about faith with whom you are already sisters in God's family and to those that you would like to invite to God's family. And where's that line between speaking out and preaching? My heart is with your local church. Be present, encouraging & grateful for these blessings that we find in our community churches. And if you are feeling isolated, be encouraged that hey, there's someone just like you here at Adoration Bath Co! Go ahead and drop me a line.

Outreach - maybe. It's my heart that "No one ever invited me" is a reason why they are not attending church or had a God discussion. Now what that means for the blog, I'm not sure. But there's something here flitting just out of reach where Adoration Bath Co and outreach are crossing paths.

People - yes, definitely. I keep thinking about my soap customers - who have someone that they would like to tell "I thank God for you!" And I wonder about the rest of the story - was there a life experience that made you admire or appreciate of them? Are they an example or role model for your own walk with God? Can their story encourage and inspire us? This is where I'll be spending more time muddling around and letting ideas bubble to the surface. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!




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